Upholstery Cleaning Cary NC

Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

Types of Applications
Interior, Exterior, Couch, Chair, Love seat, Ottoman, Recliner, Sectional, Patio Furniture, Auto, Etc.

Upholstered Furniture
Cotton, Linen, Wool, Brocade, Microfiber, Suede, Velvet, Velour, Corduroy, Needlepoint, Down Furniture, Delicate fabrics

We at Lifestyle Carpet Care realize that no two pieces of furniture are the same; therefore we perform a custom cleaning for every job. The results will amaze you.

Our Cleaning Method

  • Preparation : Our technician will perform an initial inspection of the furniture to determine the best cleaning solutions to be used to obtain the best results. He will then thoroughly remove all dust, pet hair, loose soil and any other existing particles with a high powered vacuum.
  • Dry Foam Soil Extraction : Cary Maids in partnership with Von Schrader have developed the revolutionary cleaning method. View the video animation and see how it works.

The results of a cleaning far surpass the results you can expect from any other cleaning. A small amount of hot water and cleaning solution is inserted into our cleaning machine, which generates hot, dry foam, similar to the consistency of shaving cream, and applies it to the furniture. A continuously forward-propelling dense-bristle brush follows the foam and pushes it to the base of the fabric so that it covers the length of the fibers and then lifts the foam, now containing all the soil, sugar and oil left behind by common spills and use, back out where we then remove it by powerful suction. When the sugars and oils are not completely removed, like in other cleaning methods, they will continue to attract soil allowing existing stains to return quickly. The foam is gentle on the fabric but powerfully penetrates sugar, oil and soil in the fibers. This low moisture method eliminates the need for your furniture to be soaked, which causes the need for an extended drying period and leaves large amounts of chemical residue. The foam works on all levels of the fabric removing the soil from the bottom up instead of forcing the topsoil down, which can be stirred back to the surface after a few weeks of normal use. As with all of our services, we offer a risk free demonstration that will make you a believer.

Persistent Stains and Spots and Compacted Soil Removal

Stubborn stains in need of extra attention will be hand treated with a custom solution selected by the technician who has had years of experience with stain composition. Heavily soiled areas will be eradicated by a hand tool, which will loosen the compacted soil so that it can be removed with white towels. The result of this detailed and labor intensive process will leave your furniture as clean as can be.


Not only do we strive to offer the best cleaning solutions available; we care about your health. Part of our custom cleaning solution is a sanitizer that will help reduce the risk of allergies and sickness by eradicating allergens, germs, dust mites and dander from within your furniture. Lifestyle Carpet Care cleaning truly does more than just give your furniture an outstanding appearance.

Customized Cleaning

We always test for color fastness before cleaning upholstered furniture and proceed accordingly. No two fabric conditions are the same, so we always adjust our cleaning procedures to allow for the best cleaning results. For upholstered furniture that is too fragile for machine cleaning we use an excellent 100% hand cleaning and hand finishing procedure. Likewise, if your furniture cannot tolerate moisture, we will use a dry cleaning procedure. If your furniture easily develops water stains, we will expertly use a combination of blending and air dyers to get the best possible results. The more customized your cleaning is, the better results you can expect.

Furniture Armor/Fabric Protection

The time to apply our optional furniture protectant is after such our deep and thorough cleaning. The protectant provides a clear layer that will help keep your furniture clean for an extended amount of time. It will also help in case of accidents by giving you a cushion of precious time before stains set. We use fabric Guard, Dupont/Teflon, etc.