Holly Springs Carpet Cleaning

Wall to wall carpeting can make for a comfortable living space, but it also does require regular carpet cleaning to keep it looking its best and keep you and your family feeling the best.  If your house or condo has carpets that are heavily soiled, your home will look dirty and untidy.  Deeply soiled carpets are an eyesore and more importantly, are unhealthy for you and your family.  Professional residential carpet cleaners have the equipment and expertise to perform a carpet cleaning far above what you would able to do on your own.  They achieve a level of cleanliness that you would be unable to achieve otherwise with sprays or home vacuum systems.  This ensures that your carpets are in good repair and will not only look better but last longer.  Professional Holly Springs carpet cleaning for deeply soiled carpets involves dirt removal including grit, sand, and other substances that would be difficult to remove without professional carpet cleaning.

 The Carpet Cleaning Process and Your Health

Good looking carpets make for comfortable rooms.  But the carpet cleaning process is not just for looks!  Cary Maids state of the art carpet cleaning process is thorough and rids your carpet allergens that may reside in your carpet without your knowledge.  Even carpets that appear clean to the eye may contain many dust mites which are allergy or asthma triggers.  Other allergy or asthma triggers are pollen that can be stored in the carpet fibers. Cary Maids hot water extraction carpet cleaning will rid the carpet of those unhealthy particles and leave only beautiful clean carpets behind.  Our Holly Springs carpet cleaning service is able to clean area rugs, or perform delicate rug cleanings.  We also move the furniture and do furniture blocking to be able to reach areas of the room you are unable to clean in your regular vacuuming or cleanings.

Stains and Spots

Stains and spots are to be expected.  You try to avoid spills, but if you have pets or young children, you know they are bound to happen.  If you’ve been living with stains and you’re ready to see your carpets looking like new again, hire a Holly Springs carpet cleaner.  Before Cary Maids perform the carpet cleaning process based on the hot water extraction carpet cleaning, we will vacuum and pre-treat spots and other areas of concern in your house.  Having pets adds to soils and stains in your carpet and we understand that you want to get rid of some of the odors associated with set in pet stains.  A commercial grade carpet cleaning will leave the carpets and upholstery smelling fresh again.

Holly Springs Upholstery Cleaning

If you live in the Holly Springs area and you’re looking around your home wondering what happened to the beautiful furniture you’ve invested in, it could be time to find a Holly Springs upholstery cleaning company.  Upholstered furniture, like any other fabric, can become soiled and dirty.  Of course this hurts the look of the furnishings.  Even more than a diminished appeal of your living room upholstery, it also is a health concern.  Over time, dust mites, pollen and other allergens accumulate in your upholstery including drapes and curtains, area rugs, sofas and ottomans.  The easy chair you sit in every night is harboring hidden health dangers.  Hiring a Holly Springs carpet and upholstery cleaner will restore your comfort and peace of mind in relaxing on your furniture and rugs each night.

If you live in the Holly Springs, NC area and realize your carpets and upholstery are in need of professional carpet cleaning services, you can contact Cary Maids for a free estimate at 919-341-6618.